Remodeling Adds Great Value

Choosing the Best Remodel

Imagine that you’re stepping into a newly remodeled space in your home for the first time. It feels amazing! What’s more, you know you can count on enjoying the beauty and utility of your investment every day for a long time to come. There’s no doubt that you’ve added value to your home, but just what sort of value is it? Out of the many changes you could have made, how did you choose the best one for you?

How Long Will You Stay?

To begin with, the answer has to do with time. How long do you intend to stay where you are? If you’re in for the long haul, then it only makes sense to make your living space, the house that you own, suit you and your way of life exactly. If, on the other hand, you know that you’ll be selling in a few years, then it’s best to place more weight on the potential resale value of any remodel you undertake.

Want Great Value? Do Your Homework

But just how do you find reliable information about what remodels hold the best value? Well, you could do a few things: talk to local real estate professionals about property values, collect information about your housing market, learn what features are customary in your geographic region and town, and get professional recommendations (Remember, MMTM is here to help). Ideally, you’ll do all of these things.

A Valuable Report

But first, get to grips with things by taking a look at the Remodeling Cost vs Value Report for 2018. Its concise, tabular format holds a wealth of information. We recommend it to anyone considering home improvements and wanting rough figures about expense and valuation in dollars.

Integrity and Comfort first

Regardless of the sort of remodel you’re contemplating, it’s essential to consider the overall integrity and long-term comfort of your home before springing for fancy extras. For instance, there’s little point in installing a stunning hardwood floor if a leak in the roof above will soon destroy it. Likewise, doors and rooms that are accessible and comfortable for everyone who enters your home will almost certainly provide a greater return than the most awesome hot tub.

Happy Holidays and a Happy Home –MMTM

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